7 Days to Die A19.5 B53 Experimental released

A19.5 B51-B53


  • Ignore Loot Abundance setting for Loot Containers. 


  • Login Twitch tooltip displays permission requirements for clients. 
  • Hardcore and Easy cooldown settings renamed to Shorter and Longer. 
  • Renamed Cooldown Presets to Global Cooldown. 
  • Reworded the tooltip for Global Cooldown. 


  • Twitch Supply Crates should ignore Loot Abundance settings. 
  • Enrage Action should wake sleepers. 
  • Negative point commands should not add negative points to pimp pot. 
  • Pimp pot no longer allowed to be negative. 
  • Delayed notifications for twitch actions after game shutdown causes NRE.

Source: Changelog A19.5 B53