7 Days to Die A19 B178 Experimental released

Changelog for b178


  • High quality water depth transparency and improved edge transparency, edge foam, waves and undulations 


  • Changed: Improved Low quality water transparency, waves and smoothness 


  • Container buttons on vehicle in different order than loot container / backpack 
  • Spear no longer flys slowly
  • Low quality water was drawn too high in the world 
  • burntWoodBlock4 unpaintable 
  • Iron and Steel Knuckle reach reinstated 
  • Running, reloading or changing weapons would not zoom back in while holding the aim button 
  • Aiming while running would briefly try to aim 
  • Missing sign backface on street barricade 
  • Put resourceMetalPipe back in the salvage harvest of cars and other vehicles 
  • NRE on entity unload entity projectile 
  • Spears that hit a block and the player at the same time can’t be picked up 
  • Spears visual glitch between players